My decision to begin my hypnobirthing journey with Karen came out of a need to manage some of my fears and anxieties around birthing, that began a long time ago with stories of my own birth. I was essentially very uneducated and could not understand how something so natural could be so hard. Karen herself is an inspiration to all women. She has showed me and is living proof that there is another way. A calm, gentle and beautiful way. Hypnobirthing principles just make sense and follow the natural process. It's just like anything that needs to be learned and put into practice. Karen not only lead me through the course with her inspiring personal experience but also has been an incredible continuing support to me as I near closer to meeting my little bubba. Something I now realise is going to be an exciting, challenging and precious experience. My husband feels much the same, and has also been very empowered by the experience. He now feels confident to be my guide, ready and excited.



Yay! I’m finally pregnant! This was the best news I could have wished for! The first few months went by and I was still excited but something else started happening.... I realised I was petrified of labor! Holy shit I am going to have to push this baby out at some stage! 
Total freak out and melt down! I was so scared and anxious about this idea that I started to panic and stress which caused me to become sick. I was often sick because I was so worked up and frightened I wore myself out.
THEN I stumbled upon this hypnobirthing information session.... I thought why not? So my partner and I went along. This is where I met Karen! All of my fears were laid out in front of me... and everyone elses we’re too. Labor, pain, fear, anxiety, doubt ect.
Then I watched the most amazing, beautiful and peaceful birthing video I have ever seen! Get to one of these sessions and see it for yourself, it’s incredible! After just this one information session I was feeling empowered. My fear had lessened for now and I actually thought for the first time, I CAN do this! But I still didn’t know HOW.
So after much conversation and contemplating I signed up to do a personal hypno birthing at home with Karen. I learnt so much, and my partner was amazing. I’ve never seen him meditate and he nailed it! We went through our five week course learning amazing things each time!
Practice was the thing that really made it work though. Every night before bed my partner would ask “are you putting rainbow on?” We soon couldn’t sleep without it. Whenever I had a nap or before bed we would practice out relaxation.
Before my birthing I was confident, I was empowered, I was proud, I was excited and looking forward to it. Yes... I was looking forward to labor!
I cannot thank Karen and her hypno birthing course enough for completely changing my outlook on labor and birthing! I was a nervous wreck and she stuck by me the entire time to reassure me and keep me on track. Not once did I feel alone and like I’d fallen off the ban wagon and if I started to she was right there with me.
I can not recommend this course enough, ESPECIALLY for women who are nervous, scared or have any fears what so ever around labor or birthing!
If I can do it anybody can. I now have the most amazing, beautiful little boy who I love more than anything on this planet and I wasn’t fearful when he entered this world.



I was very young and naive when I had my first baby and didn't even attend an antenatal class so I was extremely unprepared. I ended up going over my "due date" and having a long and painful labour which left some physical damage. For my second birth I did a bit more research and came across Hypnobirthing but I decided not to spend the money. I was excited that this time my baby decided to come on his "due date" but my birth was not much different the second time and again left more damage. Finally I was ready for round 3 and from the very beginning I was 100% set on having a C-section because I had a huge amount of fear. I didn't want to experience another long, painful labour that would leave me with more damage, I believed my body couldn't handle it. During my hospital appointments I was left very disheartened with many unanswered questions and began getting really stressed and anxious and felt like I was on the verge of a meltdown every day when thinking about the birth. Out of luck a friend asked me to come along to an information session on Hypnobirthing. In that short 1.5hrs I learnt so much and realised my body was made for this. The best part was at the end seeing a birth video of someone I knew. It was Karen! I couldn't believe how calm her birth was! I decided to reach out to Karen that night and we ended up having a catch up over video chat. In that one chat I went from being a total emotional mess to being hopeful that Karen could teach me the tools I needed to have a beautiful, calm birth just as I'd seen her have. I was grateful that my husband was also happy to start the Hypnobirthing course and even after the first session he was telling everyone about it. We both were shocked with how much we didn't know about birth considering we had been through it twice already. After each session with Karen I was more and more relaxed and excited about my up coming birth. The knowledge and confidence I was building was definitely worth the money. By the end of the course I had gone from 100% set on a C-Section to 100% confident that I had the knowledge and tools I needed to have a beautiful natural labour and birth. My husband also went from thinking Hypnobirthing sounded really strange to walking away with lots of tools to know how to best support me through the whole birth. I couldn't be more grateful to Karen for all the time, caring and love she put into us during those weeks and still after the birth of our baby boy. I would recommend anyone who is pregnant or even thinking of becoming pregnant but maybe fearful of birth to just reach out to Karen just as I did or go along to an information session, you won't regret it!