Our Story

Hello and welcome, I'm so excited you are here.

My name is Karen. I'm a wife, and mother of 2 beautiful HypnoBirthing babies Koa (4) & Keoni (2).

I love all things health and wellbeing and this is where my journey begin. 

As a first time mum at 39 years of age I was told that I would be looking to have a C-section purely because of my age... I was shocked. Why? I was healthy, my baby was healthy, so why could I not birth my baby naturally?! As I always would do with anything in my life I went about educating myself about all things birth. This is where I came across HypnoBirthing and my life's purpose changed. I absolutely believed I could birth my baby naturally. Through learning HypnoBirthing I became so confident about trusting my body and my baby to come gracefully into the world in a calm and relaxed way. I was nothing short of being excited about my birthing day and so was my rock and biggest supporter - my husband. 

After birthing my gorgeous nearly 10 pound baby boy, I was so passionate to share my story with anyone who would listen. I was particularly passionate about speaking with first time mums to give them a positive understanding of birth and not a view that was fear based which so many tried to do to me during my pregnancy. 

I believe pregnancy is the most magical time of a woman's life and should be celebrated that way. If your mind is free of negativity and you learn to nurture yourself from the inside out with healthy foods, gentle exercise and relaxation, you will prepare your body and mind for this amazing journey. 

I believe that growing a baby is such an important job. I know how important it is that we fill our bodies with an abundance of healthy foods to nurture our babies and bodies. How important it is to avoid dangerous chemicals around our house and chemical based products on our skins as we know that these pass over to our babies in utero.

The impact we have on our little ones future starts when they are in our belly. 

I would love to share with you and your birthing partner all about HypnoBirthing so you to can feel empowered and educated all about birth so you are free of fear and are able to trust your body and your baby to enjoy this incredible and magical day no matter what turn you birth takes on the day. 

Love & Light
Karen 💕